Goin' Up The Country

We took our first camping trip this weekend, a one-nighter about 50 minutes away. The occasion was to celebrate a friend's 40th Birthday... she didn't want something at fancy restaurant; rather, she wanted to hang out in the woods with some family and friends. And KnPnCnC were more than happy to RSVP to that.

And we're glad we did. A great time was had by all... KnP met a lot of great people and enjoyed the view of the night sky, C (human) played with other kids until she practically dropped, and C (dog) enjoyed the leash-free hike and nabbing half-eaten sandwiches out of the garbage.

It was also the first time we got to try out our new tent. Shortly before leaving PA, we returned our old tent to LL Bean because the zipper was shot. In its place, we got one that (we thought) was a little bigger, realizing that Chloe's only going to get bigger, and more gear and whatnot will need to be stored, preferably under some cover.

Well, when we laid the footprint out, we realized that the yet unseen tent is considerably bigger than what we had, so much so that I asked Peg, "What did we buy?" What we found, and remembered, is that we bought essentially a 4 person tent that has (for lack of a better phrase) a small screened-in porch attached... a place to sit with some chairs if its raining or buggy, or store gear. It took us a while to get used to the size, but at night, when it was time to get some shut-eye, we all appreciated the extra space!

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