Chamberlain vs. A Cougar

As has been posted before, cougars (a.k.a. mountain lions, pumas, panthers) are not foreign to Boulder. In fact, earlier today there was another incursion. A baby mountain lion had been trapped in a neighborhood not too far away from both our home and Chloe's school, and the mother was believed to still be at large. Neighbors were advised by the Division of Wildlife to keep their children and animals inside.

While we acknowledge the situation is one not be shrugged off, it nonetheless got Peggy and I wondering how things would transpire if Chamberlain ever crossed paths with a cougar (and I'm not talking about Demi Moore.) Peggy thought Chamberlain's loud howling would dissuade the cat from advancing, but that if it did get within striking distance, he could hold his own.

I thought differently. I reflected back on the several run-ins he had with my parents' Abyssinian cat, Scooter. Scooter was (maybe) 8 pounds, but packed A LOT of fury into his little paws when 35 pound Chamberlain came to visit. Despite being undersized and weighing considerably less, Scooter beat the snot out of Chamberlain every single time, and would even sometimes attack him as he was retreating with his tail between his legs, just to get in a couple of more good swats for good measure. So, with that as my reference point, I thought that if Chamberlain ever did tangle with a cougar, I guess the best I could hope for is that he would somehow channel some of Scooter's fury and put up a good fight.

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  1. Sounds like you have a good point, Kurt. But neither you or Peggy talked about Chamberlain vs. the other cougar (Demi Moore). Or would you be taking on Demi Moore? I think you'd be in trouble....