All about Chloe

Chloe recently finished her 2nd trimester at her Elementary school, and much like the first, I'm proud to blog that she is progressing with flying colors! I think her teacher summarized it best: "Chloe's reading has really advanced this trimester. In writing, Chloe is using more detail and demonstrates proper writing conventions more and more. She has good number sense and likes to practice counting, writing and adding numbers. She consistently adds to class discussions in a meaningful way. Chloe is an active member of our kindergarten community and I enjoy having her in class."

Also, for those looking to help the American Heart Association, Chloe is signed up to take part in their "Jump Rope for Heart" fundraiser. (Click here to donate.) Her school was second in the state last year in terms of fundraising for this event, and they're hoping to take over the number one spot this year. Chloe, though, has her sights set elsewhere: if she is the biggest fundraiser in her class, she'll get to throw a pie at a duct-taped teacher. Now who wants to deny a child the privilege of doing that?!?

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