Has it been 4 years already?

Today marks the 4th Anniversary of our arrival in Boulder.  Hard to believe.  So I'm taking this opportunity to look back at just some of the things that have happened to us (individually and collectively) since we began living here.  I'm *sure* there are more noteworthy events then those listed below, but these are the ones you are going to read about in this post.

If you want to wax nostalgic here's my first post of this blog and the pictures that accompany our move and drive here.

And, so, without further delay...

Since we've been here, Peggy has...
 - worked for two different companies, has been promoted and is currently a VP in her current company.
 - run a 5K, 10K, and two half-marathons, and is currently in training for her first marathon.
 - purchased a fishing license (and talks fondly of getting bait at McGuckins.)
 - hiked from the rim of the Grand Canyon, down to the Colorado River, and back up.

Since we've been here, Chloe has...
 - learned to ski.
 - run/walked two 10Ks.
 - played 8 seasons of soccer.
 - taken rock climbing lessons.
 - gone whitewater rafting and been in a glider.
 - started formal schooling, and is about to enter 4th grade.
 - had her hair cut for charity, operated a lemonade stand to benefit a local food bank, and helped sort donated, used toys for a Christmas-time nonprofit.

Since we've been here, Kurt has...
 - lost even more of his hair.
 - been in (approx.) 35 bike races, 1 Tough Mudder, and rode his bike in the French Alps.
 - had both shoulders messed up (broken collarbone on one side, dislocated shoulder on the other.)
 - "bagged" three 14ers, and will hopefully bag another one next week with Chloe.
 - regularly volunteered at Chloe's school.

Since we've been here, we have...
 - had 5 different addresses (3 in Boulder, 2 in London.)
 - hiked and skied some of the best terrain Colorado has to offer.
 - mountain biked past dinosaur footprints.
 - snowshoed to a yurt.
 - seen rattlesnakes, coyotes, bear and moose, and have been warned of mountain lions.
 - witnessed an elk rut.
 - introduced people to the joy of Christmas Eve bowling.
 - seen a live buffalo run onto and around a football field.
 - had to evacuate due to a wildfire, and have had a couple of others nearby.
 - come to know and befriend some of the absolute most caring and funny people we ever crossed paths with.
 - not regretted for one day that four years ago, we moved to Colorado.

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