Spare Not A Hair

This morning Chloe and I participated in the "Give Hair With Care" fundraiser. I went with the straight razor shave again [insert "balding joke" here], and Chloe was quite adventurous and opted for a "pixie cut," losing about 8 inches of hair off the back.

Like last year, it was a great time spending time with the family, helping this worthwhile cause. This year, though, had the extra benefit of sharing the experience with Chloe in the chair next to me. Peggy and I are SO proud of her, and thankful for those who donated on Chloe's behalf.

Below are some before, during and after pictures.

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  1. Chloe, you go from the little girl to the sassy young lady look with your new cut!! And for a good cause. It doesn't get any better than that! And your dad looks pretty darned cute too!