A Vacation from Vacation? Nah... It's All Good.

Phew... are we tired.

Since Friday afternoon, we...
 - went ice skating
 - nearly set a new record for a grocery bill
 - went to two holiday parties on Saturday night
 - hosted 7 of Chloe's friends for a "pizza and movie" event
 - got a couple of bike rides in (K)
 - went caroling
 - went to Christmas Pageant rehearsal (C)
 - baked cookies (well, Peggy did that)
 - went to a Christmas Tea (an annual tradition for PnC)
 - did a monster cleaning of the home
 - did some shoveling (it's snowing as I type... could get 5-10")
 - got a couple of gym workouts in (KnP)

And coming up, we...
 - will be picking up my sister and her family at the airport tonight (awesome!)
 - will go bowling tomorrow (of course)
 - go skiing for 3 days (VERY awesome)
 - visit the Denver aquarium (probably)
 - have a beer and burger at Mountain Sun (hopefully)

But, you know what?  It's a good tired.

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