Season Wrap-Up

(This post is about a week overdue, but as we've learned from our time here in Boulder, few things happen in a rushed manner around here.  Unless, that is, the issue involves medicinal marijuana access and dispensaries... then the pace, ironically enough, is pretty frenetic.  Who knew some many people in Boulder County had glaucoma?  But I digress.)

Another soccer season for the Banana Bees came to an end last weekend.  The record?  0-0-9 (wink, wink.)  I think it's fair to say all casual observers noticed some improvement in skills over the season.  Equally important, and perhaps a better measure of the season, is that everyone had fun, and, as far as I know, is interested in playing again in the Spring.

(Picture:  Chloe receiving her end-of-season trophy from Coach Brad.  Thanks to Megan Dawson for the picture!)

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  1. Way to go, there Chloe! Want to see that trophy in December!!!
    Love~ Aunt Diane