Parent-Teacher Conference Day

Peggy and I met with Chloe's teacher today and couldn't be more pleased and proud of the feedback we received.
- Chloe's doing very well with her reading and is on a good pace to be slightly beyond a 1st grade reading level by the end of the school year. Peggy and I weren't too surprised to hear this, as we have been noticing some tremendous improvements the last several weeks. Her daily reading assignment homework seems to be paying off quite well!
- As for spelling, she is pretty strong in that area, too. A little more work is need on capitalization and punctuation, but her teacher said that is not uncommon at this stage.
- She is doing very well in mathematics, so much so that her teacher is thinking about giving her some "advanced" problems to see how she does with them.

Chloe is doing well non-academically, too. She gets along with everyone in her class, is eager to participate in discussions and class activities (sometimes over eager, we learned!) and shows concern when someone is sick or can't find something.

It was a GREAT visit with her teacher. We hope there are many more like that to come.

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